Forest School Training Level 2

Level 2 Forest School training is the next logical step to take after someone has completed a Level 1 training course.

Level 2 furthers your knowledge and skills and usually qualifies you to become an assistant in a Forest School programme.

What does Level 2 Forest School training involve?

Level 2 training is designed to enable individuals to become Forest School assistants. You are given the skills to fully support a Forest School leader, without having the full responsibility of running a Forest School programme by yourself.

Duration and cost

Level 2 is approximately 70 hours of work, and worth 7 credits once completed.

The course is between £300 and £500 on average.

Entry requirements

Learners should typically be 18 years of age. Depending on the school teaching the course, you may or may not need a Level 1 Forest School qualification to enter your chosen Level 2 course. At the very least, most trainers will ask that applicants have experience working with young people and/or children.

Course Content

Your Forest School training level 2 qualification is all about supporting the children and the Forest School programme leader that you would be assisting. You will gain the skills to help children develop and learn in a wild setting, while also being given the knowledge you need to assist the leader of the Forest School.

You and your trainer will discuss the Forest Schools approach to learning, the Forest School ethos, and the benefits of having a positive attitude to risk-taking. Practical skills covered in standard Level 2 courses include safe lighting on-site, managing a campfire, hand tool safety, and you will also learn a range of typical Forest School games and activities.

In addition, Level 2 courses cover basic forest knowledge; such as the identity of common woodland flora and fauna.

Finding a trainer

The Forest School Association and other Forest School bodies are always looking for new trainers to add to their lists. But, like any course you may be interested in, you should still look at the qualifications of the course’s trainers and ask questions before paying for a course.

Remember that there are many options for Forest School training courses. You can train with a school, on a course from an awarding body, in a college, or with an individual Forest School trainer. The sky’s the limit and search engines are your friend. In the next section of this article, you’ll find a few awarding bodies and names of companies that can train you as a Level 2 assistant.

Training locations

The Forest School Association supports the following Awarding Bodies for Level 2 Forest School training:

  • Open College Network West Midlands
  • AIM Awards
  • NOCN
  • ITC First
  • LASER Awards
  • Newbattle Abbey College (Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework)

Other trainers and associations outside of this list are readily available. For examples of possible locations and trainers, see the list below:

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